The Benefit of Bunded Fuel Tanks


Companies that have used bunded tanks in storing bulk liquids on-site have managed to cut the cost of logistics’ an emergency purchase of a small quantity of fuel which often comes at a higher cost due to its short period of tendering.

Manufacturers that rely on the heavy consumption of fuel have opted for constructing bunded fuel tanks within their premises to which significant cost saving and greater business efficiencies realized. Using those tanks in the procuring of a large quantity of fuel, thus bulk purchasing to which discount are often negotiated over during the procurement purchase of better pricing opportunities. Look also for Cheap self bunded fuel tanks

Hidden pump prices when purchasing fuel in small quantity are usually the norm which is higher in price due to inclusivity to cover station maintenance cost site and staff cost, administration and accounting errors. Manufacturers who purchase fuel in large quantity and utilize bunded fuel tanks often establish a long-term relationship with their supplies who in essence take the role of third-party distribution, benefiting both parties, offering an opportunity to negotiate on supply rate. The on-site fuel ensures sufficient availability of inventory to cater for any fluctuation in usage and demand, it ensures efficient operation of any manufacturer.

By outsourcing the purchase and distribution of fuel to a third party, they move out of non-core business and outlet what is not their main operation to those experts in fuel supplying. Outsourcing will reduce the cost of transporting the fuel, levies, and insurance involved in transporting the fuel, pilferage cut off and sustainability of efficiency. Get yours by dealing with the best Able Sales online store.

Having an on-site bunded fuel tank (BFT) reduces the traffic involved in the movement of fuel within the site reducing the danger of being exposed to fuel components. Fuel purchased off-site in small quantity at petrol stations are often opened to fraud among those handling the product to the detriment operation of the company. Fuel monitoring, purchasing, and management can be accountable if given or outsourced in bulk with one supplier and more controllable while at the site after it has been stored in bunded fuel tanks.

Having an on-site bunded fuel tank increases work productivity as shits in workers is well controlled and monitored, meeting deadlines reducing downtime and obstacles of which reduce lead time procurement that can result in operational stoppage due to lack of fuel. These operational stoppages have in many cases caused staff frustration and unrest due to frequent operational stoppage due to stock out of fuel. Offsite refuel has a tendency of exposing the management to road accidents and equipment failure putting in danger and raising operational health and safety issues.

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